Back to Cooktown today after a few days off in Cairns having just finished fishing with long time American anglers Norm Ennis and Bill Pickett.    We caught 7 marlin over the 9 days with them up to 350lbs.   No big ones this year for Norm.

We started the season in mid September off Cooktown fishing North and the middle fairly sluggishly getting the odd bite here and there.    5 days of fly fishing with regular angler Mr Ishikawa saw us raise 9 fish over the 5 days.

Our next 6 days with Tony Hedley and John from the States we caught 4 fish with largest est approx 450lbs.  The following 7 days early October was with anglers from Adelaide, Troy and Zane and although tough fishing at times it did produce a big fish estimated 950lbs.    Total of 4 fish caught for the week with a stack of missed bites over a frustrating couple of days.

With the Lizard Island tournament coming up we’re hoping the fish come on the bite for a good week of fishing.