I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks fishing in Port Stephens with Andy O’Brien on the Warrigal and Tim Dean on the Calypso. Port Stephens once again living up to its reputation for some of the best medium tackle marlin fishing in Australia.

All 3 species were on the bite with a number of Grand Slam days. We had a great 3 days onboard “Warrigal” with Larry, Weeds and Ridgy. Not huge numbers but averaging 3 to 4 bites a day catching Striped, Blacks and the first Blue Marlin for Larry. We did jump off a nice Blue around 500lbs on the second day of fishing.

Over the first weekend of the Interclub Tournament I skippered the Calypso for Capt Tim Dean who was at the helm of local boat, “Born Free” owned by Geoff Leonard. On the Saturday I was not in the tournament but took some local lads out on charter for their first time marlin fishing. We had a great day’s fishing where all four caught their first marlin and we finished the day with a grand slam of one blue, two blacks and a stripe, with the blue being the biggest at an est 500lbs. On the Sunday we were out again fishing in the Interclub tournament and caught 4 for angler “Rookie” (Tims old crewman) with 2 blacks and 2 stripes.

We then fished Ladie’s Day onboard the Calypso with Tim’s wife Bec, daughter Meg and friends and had another good day catching 3 from 4 (2 stripes and a black). The tournament was cancelled the following Saturday due to rough weather but on the Sudnay the fishing had slowed abit where we went 2 from 2 (1 black and 1 striped) for Sydney anglers Lee, Josh, Pete and Reece.

Heading down again next weekend for the Broken Bay Tournament where hopefully the good fishing continues.