Over the last couple of months the little black marlin have been quite dominant up and down the coast all the way from the Whitsundays to Cairns and possibly further North.

There’s been some great action for not just the game boats but plenty of trailer boats have been catching the juvenile marlin and not having to travel too far to find them.

We did four days fly fishing last week with Mr Ishikawa but the 25 to 30 knot winds on the first couple of days made for challenging fly fishing conditions.     We were looking for big ones on the outside but with the rough water we fished a day and a half on the inside of the reef, teasing 7 small blacks, catching 1 and getting many other bites on the large fly, suited to the bigger offshore blacks that Ishi likes to fish for.

The boat is currently out of the water for its annual antfoul and other minor jobs, back in the water again Friday.

With a few more light tackle days before starting our heavy tackle season, I’m hoping the little blacks are still biting.