We’re currently fishing the 3rd day of the Lizard Island Tournament today with regular Japanese angler Omi Tomonori. We caught 1 fish on the first day and yesterday caught 3, with perfect weather conditions.

Our final tally for Ray’s 2nd trip with Troy and Zane was 4 over the 7 days (8-14 October). We then fly fished with Mr Ishikawa we’re we raised a total 6 fish for the 4 day charter. We threw the fly at 2 of them – hooked both and on both occasions broke the tippett (heartbreakingly). We estimated 1 around WR size of 250lbs and the other around 150lbs.

We had excellent fishing on the following 5 day trip with Karl Maxa and his mate Silly (20-24 October). We caught 9 fish in total with a selection of fat rats and 2 nice fish around 800/850lbs.