3 marlin yesterday on the 5th day of the tournament – hopefully we can hang in there with 2 days to go


Day 2–15:36h
Day 2–16:27h
Day 2–17:26h
Day 3–13:52h
Day 4–13:21h
Day 4–14:46h
Day 4–15:43h
Day 5–13:59h
Day 5–14:40h
Day 5–15:45h
Day 2–15:49h   400lbs
Day 2–16:38h   300lbs
Day 2–17:39h   200lbs
Day 3–13:53h     30lbs
Day 4–13:24h   100lbs
Day 4–15:12h   800lbs
Day 4–15:55h   250lbs
Day 5–14:01h   350lbs
Day 5–14:43h   200lbs
Day 5–15:48h   250lbs