Currently fishing with regular angler Adrian Gornall and have caught 2 in 2 days. 1 x small one at est 200lbs and 1 @ approx 700lbs yesterday. Headed up to the bottom of No. 10 Ribbon Reef and looking to head back towards the middle Ribbons today.

Prior to this charter, fished 4 days with Texans Terry, Brian and Kirk where we caught 3 over the 4 days.

Our 5 days of fly fishing with Ishi were not without there frustrations, with boats around us catching on conventional tackle though trying to get them to take the fly was tough. Had a great time though fishing with Ishi and we’ll try our luck again next year.

Appears to be a pattern of a bite a day for most boats across the reef at present.

Winds due to come up today.