Been a while since our last report as we’ve  been fishing almost every day and slack on the computer side of things .

Some excellent fishing was had over the last week of Feb with our best day being 8 from 8 with 4 blacks and 4 striped.  Mark Codner from the US fished with us for 2 days at the end of Feb and 1st of March, we managed 7 bites for the 2 days and caught 4 with Mark catching his first black marlin which gave us a good run around and a memorable fight.

Todd Fechner also fulfilled his bucket list “fish” catching his first striped marlin.

The fishing has slowed somewhat through the early part of March with changing conditions every day – strong currents, green water and the bulk of the bait dispersing and becoming more spread out.

We fished the “carpark” yesterday and things definitely look on the improve, with all boats there getting a couple of shots and marking some good bait along with the marlin.  Water temp is around 26 degrees with some good blue marlin in it along with some fat striped marlin around the 200-230lbs mark.
We managed to catch 3 over the last 4 days out of the 5 raised with a nice blue marlin caught for Bill yesterday at an est 300lbs.