The 2012 marlin season has come and gone with Christmas now just around the corner.   Overall it was actually  pretty tough  with some good fishing in every month though some definite hard times experienced by all out there.

This year we had a change around from La Nina to El Nino and I’m not sure if it was the cause but our water temperatures have remained quite cool all season with it even now around 28.5 degrees when other years its usually hitting the 30 degree mark.   This may in turn keep the fish around until January and the possibility of minimal cyclone activity.

Fishing highlights for our season was Zane catching his big fish in early October, winning the Lizard Island tournament with Omi Tomonori and Rick Benitez catching 4 big marlin from the 6 fish he caught in his 4 day charter in November.

We fished the ladies one day Ribbons Tournament with Sonia, Felicity, Rae and Donna.   Although the weather was against the girls with 20knots plus, there was some good fishing and Sonia managed to take out the Champion Angler with a 300lb est black marlin on 10kg line along with a couple of wahoo, dolphin fish and barracuda.    We placed 3rd overall so congratulations to the girls.

We are continuing to do day trips from Cairns through December and January targeting pretty well anything that bites.   With a mixture of light, medium and heavy tackle days along with popper fishing.

I’ll be heading down to Port Stephens in February to fish once again on the Calypso and we have some great openings for anyone interested fishing for striped, blue and black marlin.   They are catching them down there already, so looking forward to a good season.

Marlin Fishing Australia