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Port Stephens – Marlin Record Chaser’s Paradise!

Now taking bookings for 2015 on the Calypso !

Located 220kms North East of Sydney (approx 3 hr drive or 20 minute flight / 20 minute car transfer) this picturesque, natural harbour is the best known fishery in Australia for Grand Slam Marlin fishing.

Fishermen regularly catch blue, black and striped marlin “Grand Slams”  throughout the season, which runs from January through to May,  with the peak months being Feb, March & April.

Year after year Port Stephens produces large blue marlin from 400lbs PLUS with fish twice that size encountered, along with the usual blue marlin “hard luck” stories associated with these big “line burners”.

Black marlin range in size from 40lbs to 800lbs with the Port Stephens “industry standard” size around the 180 – 220lbs.

Striped marlin can be caught in Port Stephens year round, with the peak months also being Feb, March & April.  Their sizes range from 140 – 220lbs, with bigger fish hooked and caught every year.

Port Stephens is famous for a great number of game fishing records. Light tackle & fly fishing records for black, blue & striped marlin grace the pages of the IGFA record books. Accounting for no less that 22 IGFA world records and over 60 Australian records.

The Continental Shelf is located 18-24 miles offshore, where the majority of the hot fishing takes place but when the warm summer currents are pushing down the coast and onto the Pt Stephens fishing grounds, the marlin action can be red hot directly outside the harbour, less than 30 minutes from the marina.

February, March, April sees vast schools of blue or “slimey” mackerel gathering from the inshore grounds to the shelf. This is the prime bait species attracting so many marlin to the Port Stephens area , along with Cowanyoung, Striped Tuna and Sauris. Assisted by the warm East Australian current colliding with the cooler Southern waters at that time of year, creates the ideal conditions for the masses of bait and the marlin that eat them.

This is a great fishery for the highly visible and exciting bait and switch methods, allowing anglers to match the tackle to the size and species of marlin raised. Trolling teasers in conjunction with skip baits is another favoured method here with both dead and live baits rigged with circle hooks providing excellent hook up rates and allowing the fish to be released in the best possible condition.

Tackle can range from 20lb through to 130lb if you were after just big, blue marlin but generally 50lb outfits are an excellent choice. Fly rod world records are almost available on every cast, depending on the tippet size you wish to fish. This area can offer up to a dozen shots a day on all 3 species.

Please email or call for best availability and pricing for 2013 Port Stephens marlin season.